A new take on feeling ‘blue’


We’ve all been there, we’ve all experienced the euphoric high accompanied with finding shoes or clothes (or anything really) at a steal. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a regular shopaholic but nothing makes me feel more satisfied and accomplished then taking advantage of a bargain.

Why, yes, I do have an example to follow this up. Thanks for asking.

Over the weekend I was a triumphant recipient of a shoe-steal at Aldo. Let me start by saying that I don’t typically frequent Aldo on a regular basis; I’m more of a Call-it-Spring-connoisseur for the simple fact that I find it a little more reasonably priced. So when I first entered Aldo, I didn’t have any particular goal in mind other then window shopping.

(I think that’s part of the beauty of a fab find, when it finds you!)

It was the rich cobalt blue colour of the flat that immediately caught my attention and I absolutely had to own something in that colour – immediately. Of course, my decision couldn’t be that cut and dry. There was every kind of shoe you could imagine in this beautiful blue. I get that the colour is perfect for dressing up a spring ensemble and making it really pop, but did they have to have so many options?

(Maybe my blog name wasn’t clear enough, I’m PERPETUALLY INDECISIVE. The struggle is real people.)

I was stuck between two pointy-toe flats; one was very girlie and delicate shoe (#7 below) and the other gave off a professional feel with hints of metallic accents. Obviously, I ended up purchasing the more structured, typical flat (as pictured above) because the style just suited me better.

(Maybe I just don’t have delicate, girlish feet to pull #7 off.)

Okay, here’s where that euphoric feeling of accomplishment comes in. I got those bad boys on sale for $15! Please, hold your applause. Now I have a new pair of chic, cobalt flats that can dress up my boring wardrobe and I’m already envisioning what to pair it with!

To wrap up my second blog post ever, I compiled a list of cobalt blue shoes. It took me a lot longer then I initially anticipated, so enjoy!

For the average windowed shopper, like myself, I’ve scoured Payless, Call it Spring and Aldo for you. From wedges to sandals and every combination in between, I’ve got it all laid out for you.

If you’re not frightened off by the daunting task of online shopping then here are some of the best looks you can get at Justfab.ca.

Happy shopping!

Window Shopping

Payless & Call it Spring



  1. Women’s Lucy Stretch Wedge, $39.99, Payless
  2. Women’s Minka Glitter Flat Sling, SALE $9.99 – Reg. $24.99, Payless
  3. Women’s Ainsley Flat, SALE $16.99 – Reg. $24.90, Payless
  4. COLLALBO pump, $39.99,Call it Spring
  5. ULIRARI flat, $45.oo, Aldo
  6. UNISSA flat, SALE $29.99 – Reg. $60.00, Aldo
  7. CIVITATE flat, SALE $37.49 – Reg. $70.00, Aldo
  8. ULENALLE pump, $90, Aldo
  9. KRISTINA pump, SALE $59.99 – Reg. $120, Aldo
  10. IBERILIAN sandal, $60, Aldo
  11. VALLIERA sandal, $90, Aldo
  12. HELONSE wedge, $90, Aldo

Online Shopping

JustFabJustFab        13. BECKETT wedge, $39.95, Justfab.ca
        14. JENEVA stiletto, $39.95, Justfab.ca
        15. MAYLEE wedge, $39.95, Justfab.ca
        16. LLYSEA sandal, $39.95, Justfab.ca
        17. TYANE wedge, $39.95, Justfab.ca
        18. BEATRIX wedge, $39.95, Justfab.ca
        19. TIRZAH stiletto, $39.95, Justfab.ca
        20. ALLYA pump, $39.95, Justfab.ca



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