Don’t “Teas” Me: Cooking with Matcha


First, I’d like to begin by saying how cool is this? As an avid green tea lover, I must admit that the idea of implanting Matcha into a baking recipe never really crossed my mind. But the idea of it is just genius.

We’ve all heard about some of the numerous benefits of drinking green tea. According to Canadian Living, tea in general has been deemed as a “superfood for nearly 5,000 years.

(Now there’s a track record you just can’t argue with.)

Drinking tea is habit you just might want to pick up for the benefits alone. To name a few:

  • Fighting heart disease
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Weight loss
  • Anti-cancerous effects
  • Etc…

Basically, tea seems to kick-ass. Well, you know what they say – a cup o’ tea a day keeps the doctor away.

(Okay, well they should start saying that.)

Matcha on the other hand is a whole different ball game when it comes to tea. When I first tried it was in a Booster juice and I found myself forcing it down before regrettably giving up my $6 investment.

Like many things, tea (especially Matcha) can be an acquired taste. But if you can’t jump on the bandwagon then you’ll be losing out on all these potentially bionic health benefits.

Alternative solution: disguise it in your baking!

Try mixing a teaspoon of Matcha green tea powder into some everyday dishes. Let me break it down for you a little.

Think Breakfast

  • Oatmeal: steep a green tea bag in your boiling water
  • Yogurt: add a scoop of Matcha to your greek yogurt, top with fruits and nuts
  • Omelette: whisk your eggs with milk and a scoop of Matcha powder

Think Lunch

  • Salad: try experimenting with your own vinaigrette and throw a tsp into the mix
  • Soup: if you make your own soup, or your own pho, think of mixing the powder into your broth

Think Dinner

  • Fish: crush your choice of nuts and Matcha, use the mixture like a ‘shake n’ bake’
  • Chicken: if you boil your chicken, try adding some powder to your boiling water

Think Dessert

  • Cookies: add a scoop of Matcha powder to spice up your average cookie dough
  • Icing: give your cupcakes a twist by mixing some powder into any boring old recipe


Other Baking Recipes  

I came across a Matcha-Almond Genoise Layer Cake by Sprinkle Bakes on Pinterest. If that doesn’t just make your mouth water instantly, then take a look at the picture.

Sprinkle Bakes


Or try something a little simpler, like a White Chocolate and Matcha Tea Marbled Cake by La Tartine Gourmande.



Perfect for spring: Green Tea Cheesecake with Raspberries and Raspberry-Mint Tisane by Epicurious.



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